OVH domain and Linode Domain [Music no 7]

I moved from to is cheaper and has more RAM and disk space. I followed that instruction to set up a new machine. It is worth to remember to google some promo code to get an extra start some extra dollars for new register users.

I decided to follow instructions from my post Hosting two websites on one linux server [Music no 5].

Moreover, I bought a new domain on ovh.

  1. First I had to set DNS servers. I went to Hit DNS Manager -> Add a domain zone

  2. Create new Master Zone:
  3. Get proper information from your DNS
  4. Go to OVH DNS Servers tab -> Modify DNS servers
  5.  Replace the default one DNS servers and hit Apply configuration:).
  6. Wait up to 48 h to propagate new DNS servers.
  7. Action -> Add Subdomian
  8. Put proper information in the first step:
  9. Select A
  10. Set proper information from step 3. And hit Next
  11. Confirm and wait up to 24 h :).


DNSes are set properly :).



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