Hosting two websites on one linux server [Music no 5]

I’ve already lost loads of time with my project. People could use my app for 2 weeks at least. But I try to improve that to make it better and more generic. All the time I check if everything is up and running on to Linux server. I came up with the idea to host two apps on one Linux server. The first one app will be a training ground, the second app will be production app. I looked for some solution how to host two apps on one server. At the begging, I struggled a little bit how to google that. but finally, I came up with the proper google phrase :).

I’ll try to follow steps from that link and I’ll see if it will work for me. I’ll go for the second option:
The one-domain, multiple subdomains approach.

But first I’ll create a subdomain ;). I’ll have to wait for 24 h for the propagation of new domain :).

Meantime I found 5 dollars/month vm comparison:

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