How to set up Linux server for core 2 web app and make it visible on internet? Part 1 [Music no 1]

How to set up Linux server for core web app?

There will be 3 steps how to make it. First of all you need to have a linux server

  1. Create new account on
  2. Go to and select from services OCI (Oktawave Clound Instances).
  3. Hit Add OCI Instances

  4. Select Ubuntu Server 16.04. LTS and hit SELECT
  5. Select the instance type. I went for the cheapest one. The application will be small and wouldn’t use lots of mamory or CPU.
  6. Provide instance details. I just provied intance name :).
  7. Tick ‚I am aware that …”. And RUN OCI :).

    Then you will have to wait couple of minutes unil your OCI will be up and running.
  8. After few minutes in main panel admin hit more and you be redirected to:
  9. You can see that you have created brand new Oktawave Cloud Instance. Hit on the OCI’s name to see more information about your OCI
  10. You will find all needed information about linux server :).

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